Services for Servicemembers and Veterans


If you want John to speak at your event and the venue is located within the State of Georgia, the minimum requirement is to purchase 15 copies of Boots to Loafers, Finding Your New True North. This is to simply offset all of the personal expenses for round trip transportation and lodging. It is best to connect directly with John to discuss specifics. Information he will need is as follows:

  • Venue type
  • Who is the audience?
  • How many people are expected?
  • Will there be other speakers?
  • Is there a specific topic?
  • Will there be AV support?
  • Contact name, phone number and e-mail address

Military Transition Consulting

I have walked in your Boots and know it is time for me to help you in your transition into the private sector and learn how to walk in Loafers. Boots to Loafers will assist you in putting into practice those things or practices you have learned during your time in the military. The time you invest in the Boots to Loafers process before separating from the military will pay major dividends when you are ready to actively seek another career.

I look forward to working with you in your transition; it is not an easy task. Allow me to help you with lessons I learned with 17-years in a Fortune 50 American icon, The Coca-Cola Company. I thank you for your dedicated service to our country and wish you and your family success in the years to come.

Resume Review
Comprehensive resume review
Detailed comments
Suggested changes
Coaching & Mentoring
Preparation for your next mission: The Job Search
Resume prep
Interviewing, Dress for success, Mock interviews, Rebranding yourself, Leading in Loafers
Military Transition Consulting
Explore post-military career options
Determine your short-term civilian career goals for the next several years
Areas to be covered include military accomplishments, training (primary and secondary skills), and what to do in the short term to help build your vision toward long term goals and objectives