Boots to Loafers: Finding Your New True North (PDF Book Download)



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THE best military transition Field Manual. A no nonsense process for any transitioning military member that is based on real experiences. This book is a true guide for what you need to know, not what an ACAP or TAP instructor has in their script.

From the first day you set foot into boot camp, no matter what service you have been in, until the final days of predeployment training exercises or redeployment, you are taught to always pay attention to every detail in every situation. Transitioning out of boots will require the same focus on details and the energy to get fired up for your next mission, getting a job. Boots to Loafers is your guide, the field manual that I never had when I retired from the US Army and entered corporate America. Let me help you find your new true north.

246 pages | Read an Excerpt | About the Authors

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