The Dirty Dozen

Boots to Loafers® rules to live by:

  1. Faith. Always keep it and never lose it.
  2. Talent. You bring world-class leadership talent to the table…capitalize on that fact.
  3. Steadfast. When things get tough in business, remain calm and stay focused…just like you were trained to do. Your peers and senior leaders will be amazed at how unshakable you are under their version of “a stressful situation”.
  4. Confidence. Never underestimate yourself. Your work ethic and dedication to what you do will come through in shining colors.
  5. Process. Being a “Staff Officer/NCO” will pay very big dividends for you in the private sector if you are moving into a Fortune 500 Company.
  6. Communications. Learn the language of the private sector. There will be a language barrier, don’t fight it…adapt to it and transform yourself.
  7. Patience. The private sector seems to have a lot more gray area. Don’t be discouraged, it takes some getting used to.
  8. Us and them. If you thought now that you’re out of uniform it will be different, think twice and figure out how to make the transition, transform yourself, and then integrate into your new world.
  9. Success. Always have a personal growth plan, a contingency plan and an exit strategy in your back pocket.
  10. Network. Learn as much as you can about Finance, Marketing, Sales, Operations, and Supply Chain so you become a more valued contributor to your new team. You know more than you think you do…translate it into what you will do in the private sector.
  11. Ambiguity. The haziness of reality, the potential for misreads, and the mixed meanings of conditions; cause-and-effect confusion…this is the stage where you will shine.
  12. Dress.  Suits, Sport Coats and dress cloths in general…look out and don’t go crazy or you’ll go broke. Watch for sales!