A Message from John Phillips

"I just finished reading Boots to Loafers. I am completely impressed and very appreciative of your experiences you have passed along. I have been spreading the word to anyone I know of transitioning or who might be. My wife is an HR manager and she also took away some good information that Paul put in there about resumes and cover letters. We have heard lately that the military is looking at cutting its numbers, and I might be one of those cut from the Air Force enlisted this year, but that is OK with me and my family. We are ready to move on to the next chapter in our life. We are confident heading into the unknown and your book has helped us prepare just that much more. Again, thank you for the great book. I will keep spreading the word."

John R. Holwege, MPA
End-Of-Runway Supervisor at United States Air Force

Boots to Loafers Partners with Vet Commander

19 July 2014, Kennesaw, Georgia – Boots to Loafers partners with Vet Commander at Elevation Chophouse in Kennesaw, Georgia for a little Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Awesome Jobs! Vet Commander hosted this networking event for employers, Veterans and advocates. Great conversation and networking for more than 3 hours and more importantly, we all […]

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